Over 80 Years of Excellence.
Baidun is Among the Most Important Collections of Antiquities in Israel

Baidun Fine Antiquities offers the finest pieces of antiquities and fine art from the Baidun family’s personal collection in the hope of connecting an ancient past to the modern collector. With pieces ranging from the ancient Levant and beyond, the Baidun shop hopes to guide new and established collectors alike in the pursuit of beautiful objects of historic importance.

Handcrafted History from Our Home to Yours

Mahmoud Baidun established his shop over 85 years ago on the Via Dolorosa in old Jerusalem. From an early age, Mahmoud combined his curiosity for history with a strong eye for the subtle features of antiquity. As a boy he brought flowers to the toiling archaeologists, and in return they taught him what to look for and explained the many symbols and styles of each object. He gathered coins and shards from the among archaeologists that Mahmoud’s small shop contained some very special objects.


Directly Sourced Authenticity

Baidun has been in business since the British mandate, the Jordanian Rule, and now the Israel state. We have one of the largest private collections in Israel, and we guarantee the provenance of every piece with export licenses granted by the Israel antiquities authority.

We invite you to explore the skilled craftsmanship of ancient civilizations and bring their stories into your home so that you may share their history with others. What is offered here are unique pieces that are accessible to all tastes and budgets. History is inherent in the objects of our time, so take a moment to browse the history within our walls.