Over 80 years of Excellence

The Baidun collection is Among the Most Important Collections of Antiquities in Israel.

The Baidun Gallery of Fine Antiquities offers the finest pieces of antiquities and fine art acquired from the Baidun family’s personal collection, acquired over the past 100 years. While the majority of our pieces were excavated in the lands described in the Bible, we also include pieces from the ancient Mediterranean empires such as Rome, Greece and Constantinople. Our goal is to guide new and established collectors in acquiring beautiful artifacts of historic importance, that will not only elevate their collections but will become proud family heirlooms that will be passed on through the generations.

Handcrafted History from Our Home to Yours

Our grandfather Mahmoud Baidun’s passion around antiquities began as a boy when he found ancient coins and artifacts in the fields around his home in Silwan Jerusalem. As a boy he provided for his ailing poor grandmother by selling flowers to the toiling archaeologists excavating in his neighborhood. He soon got to know the godfathers of archeology in the Holy Land such as Professors Sokunic, Rifenberg and Canion and General Yigael Yadin. Recognizing our grandfather’s curiosity for history and strong eye for the subtle asthetics of his ancestors; they educated him on the symbols and styles of each object and its time period. He turned this love of the ancient into a professional calling when he established his shop over 90 years ago on the Via Dolorosa in old Jerusalem Over the years, the Baidun shop became a landmark for archeology in Jerusalem for scholars, academics and collectors.

While Mahmoud sadly is no longer with us, he passed on his love and expertise in the field to his son Khader and grandsons Alan (Aladin) and Rami who have taken the business into the future.

The Baidun family in Jerusalem, has proudly assisted and helped curate many of the biblical antiquities collections for local and international museums, libraries and universities.

We are specialized in biblical antiquities from the time of Abraham through the time of Jesus into the Islamic and Ottoman time periods. We additionally specialize in the early civilizations that once dominated the ancient Near East and her surroundings, such as the great cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt, the Israelites, South Arabia, Persia, Greece, Rome, Byzantium and the spectacular and mystical Islamic world of art.

While not our specialty, we also have an interest in exceptionally historically important and beautiful pieces from other areas of the ancient world.

Our customer list include the top collectors in the world, museums, National Libraries and Universities.

We would never offer items that we did not believe in.

Directly Sourced Authenticity

Baidun has been in business since the British mandate, the Jordanian Rule, and now under the state of Israel. We have one of the largest commercial and private collections in Israel. We guarantee the authenticity, legality and provenance of every piece. Israel is the only source country in the world that still allows the legal trade of antiquities.

Every piece we sell is registered with the Israeli antiquity authority and comes with a certificate of authenticity, export permit and life time guarantee.

We invite you to explore the skilled craftsmanship of ancient civilizations and bring their stories into your home so that you may not only hold that history in your hand but share it with those you love. History is inherent in the objects of our time, so take a moment to enjoy the journey into the grandeur of the past civilizations and browse the history within our walls. And if you so desire, you may become the next caretaker of that piece with has lived and existed before our time and will continue well into the future.