The tart expression of this Roman female’s face looks back at us over 2000 years after it was originally carved into a block of raw marble. This expertly crafted bust dates from approximately 100 C.E. – 200 C.E., during the apogee of Rome’s excesses that would soon lead to its destruction. The exquisite details of this bust belie the internal and external strife found throughout Rome during this era, as a series of rulers competed for control of the unwieldy empire that Rome had become.

By comparison, this woman may be asserting her domestic authority in the one place she could truly control: her home and her hearth. The smooth curve of her neck is distinctly feminine, yet her chin and head are directed head on in a show of defiance as well as strength. Her large almond eyes stare voluptuously forward, while her lips are pursed below her stiffly set nose. Her soft face is framed by a plush head of hair, tied in the back in a beautiful style that is distinctly ancient yet consciously modern.

This piece in in good condition and would make the perfect acquisition for a collector looking to add such a beautiful bust to any collection.