Probably from an antefix, the woman’s face is shown in slightly three-quarter view the gaze directed to her left. Her rounded face framed with copious long curly hair centrally parted, over a straight nose, large lips and large eyes with incised pupils set under elegant arched brows. Long yellow painted earrings in the form of inverted pyramids decorate her ears and traces of paint can be seen to the rest of the face and in the hair.


Literature: For a similar head, perhaps from the same mould and now in the British Museum, see R. A. Higgins, ‘Catalogue of the Terracottas in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum, Vol. I. Greek 730-330 B.C.’ (London, 1969) pl. 190 no. 1361. Also Wilhelm Hornbostel et al, ‘Aus Gräben und Heiligtümern – Die Antikensammlung Walter Kropatscheck’ (Mainz, 1980) pp. 183-184.