He Domenico Manni Collection Of Liturgical Manuscripts

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7 leaves and one part-leaf, 312 x 215mm — 372 x 265mm: (i) ORIGEN (d.253/4), translated by RUFINUS (d.410), In Numeros Homiliae, in Latin, [Italy, perhaps Tuscany, early 12th century], 2 almost complete leaves, two columns of 34 lines written in a fine rounded Carolingian minuscule bookhand in dark brown ink, the text containing parts of Homily XXVI and XXVII, with a December 1580 inscription in Italian on f.1v, 372 x 265mm; A MISSAL, in Latin, [Italy, probably Tuscany, early 13th century], 2 leaves, two columns of 31 lines written in brown ink, rubrics and initials in red, the text from the Sanctoral containing masses for Saints Zenobius, Romulus, Reparata and Cerbonius, all Tuscan, 311 x 215mm; ROLANDINUS RODOLPHINUS (d.1300), Summa artis notariae, in Latin, [Italy, late 13th or early 14th century], 1 leaf and one part leaf, two columns of 44 lines written in brown ink, rubrics and paraphs in red, the text containing parts of chapters VIII and IX, 320 x 223mm; A BREVIARY, in Latin, [Italy, late 14th century], two leaves, two columns of at least 23 lines, initials in red and blue, rubrics in red, with part of the text for Feria VI in Easter week, ownership inscriptions in Italian, 355 x 275mm (all recovered from bindings, some cropping, staining and creasing). All in modern card bindings.

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Medieval , 1200 C.E. – 1400 C.E.


7 leaves and one part-leaf, 312 x 215mm — 372 x 265mm


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Baidun Collection, acquired at Christies sale November 2013

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