5 Reasons Why Antiquities Make For The Best Gifts


Baidun encourages you to think outside of the box during your next gift buying excursion. Finding the right gift for your loved ones takes time and patience. Antiquities are a great way to be creative and to show you really care. Here is why:

1. Antiquities hold treasured historical value.

As opposed to an arbitrary piece of jewelry from the local department store, antiquities come with a story – and not just any story. Antiquities stem from civilizations that are incredibly rich in culture and roots, which always makes for a powerful story. Stories give objects innate intimate value and meaning.

2. Antiquities are one of a kind…literally.

Give your one-of-a-kind love a one-of-a-kind gift. Nothing in the world feels better than receiving a gift that no one else has in the world. Unless you are a craftsman, antiques and antiquities are the solution.

3. Antiquities are tangible.

Antiquities are something you can look at, hold, or even use on a regular basis. A tangible gift, such as silverware, a bowl, or a vase, as opposed to an “experience-based” gift, feels more permanent. Whether you are buying for a spouse, a good friend, or your children, a tangible gift can reflect the permanence of a relationship.

4. Antiquities require care and tending.

Because antiquities are old and made of fragile materials, they require a certain level of maintenance. Caring for antiquity is a responsibility, much the same as caring for a relationship – time, patience, maintenance and reparation. It is a sign of permanence and a symbol of thoughtfulness.

5. Antiquities can be passed down.

Some say diamonds are forever – we say antiquities are forever. From ancient civilization, to your grandmothers cupboard, to your dining room table, to your children’s children. You can become part of the story too.