Advice for Collectors of Antiquity


Five years ago, antiquity dealers had long-earned reputations, established bases of operation, traveled internationally to all the key antiquities events, and had a deep knowledge of the field. Today, with the advances in technology and the rapid changes on the web, it seems anyone can claim to be a dealer. The web is a maze of pseudo-dealers, legitimate up-and-coming dealers, and established expert dealers. How do you distinguish?

1. Reputation

When using the web for antiquity collection, it is crucial that the company you use have a reputable and respected name. This requires extensive research and, most of all, patience. This is not a process to rush, as you could find yourself paying for false antiquity. Find a few dealers you are interested in and take the time to research their history, read reviews and perhaps contact others for recommendations.

2. Expertise

Finding a dealer with years of experience and expertise is always the safest choice when shopping antiquities. After all, antiquity is all about history and tradition – look for a dealer who has been in the business for a long period of time and who has had a ton of exposure to the complex world of antiquity.

3. Provenance

The provenance of a work  of art is a historical record of its ownership, although a work’s provenance comprehends far more than its pedigree. The provenance is also an account of changing artistic tastes and collecting priorities, a record of social and political alliances, and an indicator of economic and market conditions influencing the sale or transfer of the work of art. Be sure that when purchasing a piece of antiquity, proof of the item’s history is present.


Our top dealer pick: Baidun. Located on Jerusalem’s historic Via Dolorosa, The Baidun name has been involved with antiquities business for over 80 years. Founded by Mahmud Baidun, the Baidun business enjoys a reputable and respected name. Baidun has a customer list ranging from world-leaders, prominent businessmen, museums and auctions, and will assist you in creating the antiquities collection of your interest. Find out more here!