Technology Changing the Game for Antique Bidding

auction-paddleInternet and technology are changing the game for antique bidding. Technology has the ability to give people valuable information quickly and efficiently. When it comes to learning about the value of antiques and obtaining appraisals, more people are finding that expert advice online.

With the advances of the Internet and mobile technology, appraisals can be done in real time, making for a painless process. In 20th century traditional bidding, auctions were done on-site at an auction house for the entire duration of the event. One would preview the item prior to the auction and use a paddle, numbered card or hand gesture to up the anti during the bid. With the transition into 21st century auctioning, we see the action taking place via mobile device, with bids coming in from all over the world! Auctions have seen a major change as absentee bidding is on the rise. This style of shopping has become more popular and easier to do with the aid of technology.

Phone and Internet bidders make up about 50 percent of auction buyers. Auction houses are beginning to advertise their auctions online and are beginning to accept a much higher rate of international bid from online shoppers. In fact, sellers working with auction houses are actually demanding that there is a Web presence to attract more buyers to their auction.