The front of the head is made from a mold and with a modeling tool reworked.  The rear is Hollow. The sculpture shows a young female’s head in frontal orientation The even facial features women are very attractive.  Expressive, with deep-set eyes coupled with strong eyelids. The pupils are clearly defined. A Strong protruding nose and full lips slightly opened. the chin has a gentle dimple. The symmetrically styled hair is parted in the middle, starting in soft curls that are combed back. On the cheeks is a single sleeping curls, and round earrings. The hairstyle is held by a headband. More curls on Top of the head are covered by a corona.

Cf .: St. Ohlig , antique cabinet, catalog no. 3 ( 1998) ” The Etruscans , a sign of life Civilized people . ” Fig.53 .