When it came to the arts, Rome was one of the greatest “borrowers” of the region’s techniques and styles. And while there are a number of technologies that did not arise directly from Rome, the craftsman and artists of the Roman Empire greatly refined and advanced these technologies as to make them uniquely superior to those of their neighbors. To that extent, glass had been around for centuries, yet it was the Romans who developed the technique of glassblowing to greatly expand the availability and use of what we consider a ubiquitous material.

Roman artifacts show a skill and an aesthetic that is closer to our modern assumptions of beauty than those of the ancient past. Roman artisans were responsible for some of the most sought after objects in antiquity, and it was due to the advanced wealth of the Roman Empire that the artists themselves competed for attention of the merchant class. The ambition of Roman artists is seen throughout modern day Italy in the temples, museums and private collections throughout the country. And while Roman arts may not have been the most original in their provenance, they were some of the most industrious and imaginative artists at any time in history.

The Baidun Shop is host to a vast collection of Roman artifacts and antiques. The immense culture of Ancient Rome left an indelible record on a vast region spanning from Europe to Asia and North Africa to the Middle East. We proudly offer only the finest examples of Ancient Roman sculpture, glass vessels, pottery, and objets d’art from across the region.

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Roman-Egyptian Schist Stone Head Bust of Greco-Egyptian god Zeus Serapis
Ancient Bronze Roman Statue (Statuette) of a Finely Detailed Roman Eagle