Persian arts encompass some of the broadest scopes of mediums and techniques of any of the ancient civilizations, with examples ranging from the visual arts and the decorative arts to literature and the performance arts of dance and music. To summarize the Persian arts would take a voluminous understanding of the history, influences, geography, and culture specific to the Persian civilization. The established prominence of Persian arts is still seen today in the fine craftsmanship of Persian artisans, commonly known for the textiles and paintings that are found in both public and private collections throughout the world.

In addition to the traditional forms of art practiced by the Persians, there are a number of subcategories for which the Persians are especially known. These include the intricate engravings found in Persian metalworks, and the delicate and meticulous art of marquetry, the art and craft of creating designs and patterns with veneer. Persia’s broad artistry of such a historical sweep is unrivalled among the cultures of the Middle East and provided for numerous influences on the surrounding regions and civilizations throughout the centuries.

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