The Hittites established a kingdom in the 18th century B.C.E. in north-central Anatolia, in a region now bordered by Syria and Lebanon. The Hittites were known for their strong command of warfare, and their kingdom lasted for nearly 1000 years until the empire disintegrated into a series of city-states in a decline brought on by the spread of Hellenism.

Hittite art was heavily influenced by the local mythologies and religions. There are many Storm gods present in the Hittite pantheon, yet the figure Tarhunt, whose symbol was a bull, was chief among the gods and was often depicted as a bearded man astride two mountains.

The Hebrew Bible contains numerous references to the Hittites, although the biblical Hittites may have been merely the remnants of the original civilization. The Bible also connects the Hittites to the Canaanites through a common ancestry, and they are all said to have lived among the Israelites in the ancient Levant.

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