It is hard to pin down Egyptian art, as its artistic traditions span millennia across an enormous geography of varying borders and countless successions of Pharaohs and outside rulers. Ancient Egyptian art involves the painting, architecture and sculpture produced from approximately 5000 B.C.E. to 300 C.E. all of which was highly stylized and dense with symbols.

Ancient Egyptian art influenced nearly every culture and kingdom in the surrounding regions, from the lands of neighboring North African kingdoms to its west to the Greek and Roman Empires to its North. The Egyptian people were highly imaginative and meticulous in their planning and preparation of all their works of art, and the high quality craftsmanship of their pieces allowed for these objects to remain in such good condition over the millennia.

The Ancient Egyptians left an incredibly rich history of artistic production, much of which has inspired art and design for millennia. The Baidun Shop offers a variety of these beautiful objects, such as the delicate jewelry worn in Egyptian antiquity or the exceptional figurines representing both gods and people alike. The arts and objects of Ancient Egypt are instantly recognizable and have captured the minds of countless generations of our modern time. The beauty of these objects lies in the mystery of a culture that is at once ancient, yet instantly recognizable to our modern gaze.

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