Stunning in scope and rich in detail, this large silver sheet was hammered by hand to create a mosaic-like array of birds, fish, and abstract decoration that whir together into a phantasmagorical array of art and antiquity. The patterns and textures created by hand cause the eye to roam for context, yet the effect is that of a broad sheet of rock that contains the fossilized imprints of so many historic species. Great care that was put into the grooves and ridges of each shape so that no two fish or bird are exactly alike, yet there is a sense of unity that even the best modern artists have yet to achieve. It is unfair to call this decoration at all, for it is a highly realized piece of museum-quality art derived from the imagination of an ancient Bactrian artisan.

The Bactrians were an especially artful culture, and their remaining work is highly regarded among even the greatest pieces of ancient near-eastern civilizations. This piece is no exception, and would make for a fine gift for the serious collector seeking only the finest the region has to offer.